If you suffer from migraines, next to the unbearable pain in your head, you experience also nausea and sensitivity to light and sound, which makes your quality of life very miserable.

4 carefully selected natural remedies are drug-free & side effects free formula to reduce migraine symptoms.


Gazing at Greenlight can reduce chronic fibromyalgia pain or migraines, according to a study in the journal Pain. The beneficial effects can last up even to nine days.

“Looking at green light seems to lead to an increase in the body’s production of enkephalins, pain-killing opioid-like chemicals. And it reduces inflammation, which plays a role in many chronic pain conditions,” – Mohab Ibrahim, M.D., Ph.D.

How the “Migraine Light therapy treatment“ looks like?

Exposure to Greenlight or in addition Quantum Hyperlight:

20 minutes, C7 vertebrae (see the illustration hereunder)
After the treatment on your neck area, expose for 10 minutes each closed eye


You can use in addition Greenlight therapy in combination with YOGA:
After your yoga practice, sit and perform gazing into Greenlight for 3 minutes, at a distance of 2 m.


Yoga postures that include Pranayama/breathing and Meditation promote overall health and well-being. Research Trusted Source indicates that yoga may relieve migraines, anxiety, improve vascular health, and overall wellbeing.


Next to the light therapy, add magnesium to your diet. Studies show magnesium oxide supplementation helps prevent migraines.

Foods enriched with Magnesium:

  1. almonds
  2. sesame seeds
  3. Brazil nuts
  4. oatmeal
  5. eggs


According to the scientific research, ginger decreased migraine severity.
Hereby my favorite recipe, it is a must:
Boil water, add 1 tbs mixture of Ginger+ Curcuma, add Almond milk and 1 squeezed lemon, add some honey and fresh munt and enjoy the best thee ever!

Use these 4 steps daily for the best results!


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