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Recently my ten year old son was positive for Corona Virus. His symptoms were very mild and lasted only two and a half days; slightly elevated temperature, and mild headache.
The family in his surrounding did not follow the rules of isolation or wearing protective masks. The disease was not spread further to the third person.

I used the following protocol as a measure for preventon, which I highilly reccomend. This daily protocol is a sinergy of Jala Neti Krya Ayurvedic technique, Hot Inhalation, Suplementation/Vitamins, ZeptAir Nebuliser and Bioptron Hyperlight Therapy.


JALA Neti kriya is an ancient Indian airway cleansing technique which helps clean the nasopharyngeal passages and prevents and treats upper respiratory tract diseases, including viral infections. It has a preventive effect against inflammation of the sinuses, ears, throat. Daily performance of this method reduces the risk of colds and allergies. It removes dirt, bacteria and viruses from the upper respiratory tract and is therefore very important at this time of a pandemic. In addition, it will help with various other problems because it acts against headaches and migraines, and relieves mental tension.


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Inhalation with eucalyptus essential oil: 10 min, 2 times per day

3. ZEPTAIR PORTABLE MESH NEBULIZER 30 sec x 5 times a day

Zepter - ZeptAir Nebulizer

Micro Mesh Disc vibrates at utrasonic speed, producing nano aerosol particles that immediatelly reach the bronchi, rather than being retained in the upper part of the respiratory system, and in that way direct affect the ellimintaion of the CAUSE OF INFECTION.


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Vit. C
Zinc picolate
Vit. D
NAC (N-acetylcysteine)
Quercetine and Melatonine


Bioptron reinforces the immune system helping it to optimize its action! Bioptron Hyperlight therapy has been clinically tested and medically certified to boost immunity system.

Thirty years of impressive market results and hundreds of clinical studies show positive effect of this really special hyperharmonized light on immune processes in different stages of viral infection. Bioptron hyperlight therapy strengthens the immune system and enables the body to develop effective and long-lasting protection against infections.
At the beginning of any infection, Bioptron hyperharmonized light facilitates the arrival of T-cells and natural “killer cells” (NK cells), which contribute to virus neutralization in non-specific way.
At a later stage of viral infection, the medical effects of patented Bioptron light extend to production of antibodies, such as IgM antibodies, which are very important for the immunization process.
During any phase of viral infection, Bioptron hyperlight therapy has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, reducing the feeling of discomfort during the disease and facilitates the action of other immune cells against pathogen.
Medical research strongly suggests that, in addition to a positive effect on the immune system, Bioptron can help reduce lung damage, because it reduces the possibility of long-term
exposure to inflammation.
The Ministry of Health of Russia included BIOPTRON HYPERLIGHT THERAPY in the recommendations to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bioptron Hyperlight Therapy stimulates the production of specific cytokines:

  1. Allows the arrival of specific immune cells
  2. Mediates the elimination of  infected cells during the 1st infection
  3. Increases the mechanisms which destroys external pathogens, as phagocytosis
  4. Coordinate specific destruction of infected cells in subsequent infections
The use of Bioptron Hyperlight therapy is recommended because of its anti-inflammatory effect, as well as its effect on improved excretion of secretions from the lungs in patients with moderate to mild disease. In addition, Bioptron received important recognition from Dr. Demurov Taimuraz Misostovich from Rostov (Russia), for the successful treatment of pneumonia in Corona patients.

The use Bioptron Hyperlight Therapy is recommended to improve microcirculation, accelerate the absorption of infiltrative changes, anti-inflammatory effects, improve bronchial patency, facilitate sputum discharge in patients with moderate and mild severity in the absence of contraindications and complications.

Daily application of Bioptron hyperlight therapy, lasting only 10 minutes, can contributes to preventing the virus from entering the host cell, which limits the spread of infection.
The Ministry of Health of Russia recommends the daily use of Bioptron hyperlight therapy according to the following protocol:
A. The middle of the sternum – 4 min.
B. Zone on the lungs affected by inflammation (more often on the back and side of the chest) – 6 min.
C. Solar plexus (between sternum and navel) – 4 min.
D. Interscapular region (Between the shoulder blades) – 1 – 6 min.
E. Paravertebral region (along the spine) – 6 min.
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Bioptron Hyperlight Therapy is the medical solution to support the fight against viruses:

  • Strengthens the immune system, fight more effectively against the virus in the upper respiratory ways
  • Helps to destroy infected cells
  • Resists against viral infection
  • Decreases infection of the lungs
How Bioptron can reinforce the immune system of everyone?
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