How to treat COVID-19 blues and Depression

If you are diagnosed with SAD or are experiencing symptoms of depression, data shows light therapy will help 80% of those who use it correctly.

SAD lamps, are clinically referred to as light therapy boxes. The tool mimics outdoor light and can help mitigate some of the mental health problems that come with the wintertime.

“Light therapy may normalize individuals’ circadian rhythms by stimulating retinal cells, which consequently affect the hypothalamus, a portion of the brain involved in the regulation of many important bodily functions,” said Leela R. Magavi, a psychiatrist and regional medical director of Community Psychiatry in California. These functions include sleep cycles, emotions and appetite.


Bioptron 10,000 Lux can improve your mental health!
HuffPost comprehend on Colleen Travers which discusses SAD lamps for depression and your mental health, as well as the criteria you should check before you buy.  So what’s the difference? Do you need to shell out a bunch of cash on the product in order for it to work?

Here, experts explain what makes SAD lamps so effective and what to look for before you buy one. Some light therapy products are more expensive than others for valid reasons.

“Most homes with standard light bulbs will give you a light intensity of approximately 300 to 1,000 lux,” Hoffmann explained. “This is actually rather dim when compared to natural light.

Bright sunlight at noon easily can be greater than 100,000 lux, whereas light intensity on an overcast day will be around approximately 1,000 to 2,000 lux. In the winter, outdoor light intensity can be much lower depending on where you live.”

As a point of reference, the luminance of standard room lighting is approximately 500 Lux, a cloudy day creates up to 5,000 Lux, and mid-day summer sunlight reaches at least 50,000 Lux


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All SAD lamps are not created equal, which is why a higher-end model may end up being better

While brighter is better, there are a few other qualities your SAD lamp should have, which may increase the price.

“A high-quality lightbox will provide light at 10,000 lux when the lightbox is placed 12 inches or more from the eyes or face and will have a UV filter to avoid the risk of retinal damage,” Hoffmann said.

This is where you’ll need to do some research as a consumer, Magavi said. SAD lamps aren’t FDA approved and don’t require a prescription to purchase, so you won’t be steered toward a specific model. In addition to brightness, certain lamps that provide convenience due to their shape and size may also increase the price, she added.



BIOPTRON® Quantum Hyperlight is medically approved and ideal for the treatment of seasonal depression. The sensory and neural effects of Quantum Hyperlight can reduce the symptoms of seasonal affective depression, with a light intensity of greater than 10,000 light units (Lux). Therefore, a daily treatment of approximately 30 minutes is considered to be effective.


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Scientific studies have shown that there is a change in the electroencephalogram (EEG) signal (a recording of the electrical activity of the brain) under the influence of medical Quantum Hyperlight and that this effect can be used to alleviate depression or help in its treatment.

20 – 40 min. = 20 cm distance
40 – 60 min. = 30 cm distance
60 – 120 min. = 40 cm distance

The BIOPTRON® pilot study on the neuroendocrine effects of using the spectra of visible and infrared light has demonstrated positive effects. Researchers have investigated the effects of Quantum Hyperlight throughout the neuroendocrine and immune systems based on hematological parameters (i.e., red and white blood cells, hemoglobin, potassium, sodium, etc.), physiological and behavioral parameters (i.e., insomnia, depression, heart rhythm, blood pressure, etc.), and psychological parameters (i.e., mood, etc.).

Participants in the study were exposed to BIOPTRON® Quantum Hyperlight during ten-minute sessions (three times per week on the face, with open eyes, at a distance of 40 cm). The results indicated that treatment with Quantum Hyperlight resulted in a significant decline in anxiety, even for the subjects within the normal range of values. There was considerable improvement regarding the somatization of anxiety (i.e., a reduction in cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive symptoms; as well as significant improvements in the quality of sleep, as was evidenced
by improvements in melatonin levels).

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Results also showed increases in serotonin and dopamine levels and decreases in stress hormones.

Therefore, use BIOPTRON each day, ten minutes – as a daily dose of health!

Stay safe!

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Article based on scientific research: source/ texts by Huffpost