Hyperlight Eyewear®

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Any light passing through the hyperlight optics (lens) is transformed into a uniquely structured hyper-harmonized light complex, called quantum hyperlight.

The symmetry and unprecedented dynamics of Fullerene C60 correspond of
healthy biostructures.
C60 has unprecedented quantum properties, including a unique rotation-twist
rate of 18 billion times per s. Through the Resonance Principles of Biomimicry,
it efficiently interacts with incoming light, which ultimately restores biostructures to a natural, healthy state at the quantum level. Through this physiological process,
Hyperlight Eyewear® protects, maintains, revitalizes, regulates, and restores the body
to optimal health.

Maintaining Good Eyesight is the Key to Maintaining
Mental and Physical Health

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Quantum Hyperligt Reflects the Universal Law of Harmony & Beauty (Golden Ratio)

To protect and maintain optimal health, as well as eye and brain functioning, Hyperlight Optics® has a unique dual quality:

Hyperlight Eyewear® uses patented nanotechnology based on fullerene C60 and the discoveries of hyperharmonized and hyper-polarized light.

Hyperlight Eyewear

Patented, Swiss-Engineered Hi-Tech Premium Quality BIOPTRON Hyperlight Optics®

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Influence of Light on the Brain

The 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine for 2017 was awarded to the scientists Hall, Rosbash, and Young for their discovery of circadian rhythms, the natural bodily processes that change in response to light over the course of the day. Light regulates the balance and natural oscillation of various hormones in the brain. Hyperlight Eyewear® rregenerates biomolecules and biostructures to their natural state in a unique way and maintains optimal bioprocesses in the eyes and brain. This result is a psychophysical balance throughout the body. Hyperlight Eyewear® is a the necessary, reasonable, and smart choice for everyone.

Hyperlight Eyewear®are Inspired by the Nobel Prize-Winning Discovery of Fullerene C60

The 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to the scientists Kroto, Smalley, and Curl for the discovery of fullerene C60. In addition to graphite and diamond, fullerene C60 is one of the eight allotropic forms of carbon. Fullerene C60 has icosahedral symmetry (Fibonacci sequence), identical to the symmetry observed in healthy, functional biological structures and throughout the whole universe, which, according to Plato, has dodecahedral symmetry. This ground-breaking discovery opened an entirely new chapter in nanotechnology and quantum medicine. Fullerene C60 has contributed to new medical treatments and has the ability to provide a better life.

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Success Stories

``I got introduced to Hyperlight Eyewear®, a new kind of glasses that incorporate fullerene C60. Since hyperpolarized light resonates with microtubules and other biomolecules, it affects our mindset. Proving that by wearing Hyperlight Eyewear®,we feel and think better… we could change the world around us, even avoid the wars!``
Dr. Howard Moskowitz

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