PATENTED 3HFWC Hyperharmonized Hydrogenized Hydoxylated Fullerene Water Complex Advanced formula

Day and night face cream with fullerene water (3HFWC)  the main active ingredient.


The Zepter team of scientists and biomedical engineers have developed and patented a unique derivative of C60 molecule; nano-harmonized material – fullerene water complex (3HFWC)* that puts us at the forefront of the groundbreaking skin care. Our latest invention is inspired by a revolutionary nanomaterial, fullerene C60 as the most perfect symmetrical form in nature. The scientists who discovered this remarkable molecule were awarded a Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1996 after its discovery in 1985. 3HFWC displays multiple age-defying actions; anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-oxidant, the inhibition of collagen degradation and the recovery of the epidermal barrier function.

* Patented WO 2021/110234 a1 wo 2021/ 110234

In service of your timeless HEALTH and BEAUTY

Thanks to 3HFWC antibacterial and antioxidant properties, the preparation does not contain preservatives or perfumes, which minimizes the possibility of skin irritation and sensitization and possible allergic reactions. * Supports the liquid crystal state of water in products and stabilizes the product. Thanks to these properties, the product is ideal for sensitive and mature skin, prone to irritation and allergic reactions.


La Danza Anti-aging Essential Complex with clinically proven results is a highly effective face elixir that repairs environmental damage, regenerates subcel-lular structures, deeply hydrates, reduces redness and hyperpigmentation and prolongs cell life. The active ingredient 3HFWC boosts the effective-ness of La Danza ingredients to reduce wrinkle depth, improve skin’s firm-ness and elasticity and to naturally shield the skin from external stressors. Over time the skin becomess healthier, firmer, more resilient and more even.
FORMULATION: Hyperharmonized Fullerene Water Complex (3HFWC) is a derivate of C60. It is a synergistic formula of C60 atoms, H20 layers/OH groups C60(OH)x1. The C60 molecule is functionalised by OH groups.2. OH groups (ordinary and paired OH groups are oriented at the appropriate angle), suplemented with H2O layers, forming an aqueous mantle with strong non-covalent hydrogen bonds. 3. One single body is created; a stabilised and harmonised hydroxylated fullerene water complex (3HFWC), in accordance with the Fibonacci law (F).


C60 exhibits the Quantum Cavity phenomenon: a transformation and reorganisation of structures via transmission of icosahedral vibrations (short and fast oscillations of atoms) to biostructures. The Quantum Cavity phenomenon imposes changes in biomolecular conformation status (structure) in the body. Accordingly, biomolecules are biophysically harmonised, returning to their original, natural and optimal healthy state. When the 3HFWC substance is applied on the skin through skin care products, the same quantum cavity effect of the C60 occurs. When our skin is exposed to sunlight or artificial light (LED, neon, halogen) the photons in-teract with the 3HFWC substance restructuring them into the exciton. Due to the nature of the interaction of photons and excitons, their coupling occurs, which leads to a unique phenomenon known in science as the polariton or hyperharmonized light. Polariton’s electromagnetism and geometrical structure (perfectly harmonised - both in space and time) are fully compatible with healthy biostructures. 3HFWC as a superior resonator transmits its information to disturbed biostructures regenerating and restoring the skin more effectively than the ordinary skin care products. The new superior constant ideal light structure acts biophysically by imposing its energetic and structural properties onto deformed and damaged molecules, encouraging their reorganization and bringing them into homeostasis and an optimal healthy state.
Inspired by the Nobel Prize winning discoveries of Fullerene C60, engineered and mastered by Swiss skin care scientists and biomedical engineers, La Danza is the ultimate scientific solution for skin self-optimisation.

3HFWC harmonises the oscillatory processes of peptide plains in collagen fibres and improves quality and appearance of the skin. Although3HFWC cannot pass through the basement membrane, 3HFWC can improve the quality and quantity of collagen molecules in the dermis by its signalling via water hydrogen bonds. By its unique, powerful water-binding action that provides around-the-clock moisture and nutrients delivery to the skin to strengthen the intercellular layers, this moisturizing complex helps repair environmental skin damage, regenerating cell structure and prolonging cell life to retain optimal moisture levels and elasticity for renewed, youthful skin. The hyper-harmonised fullerene water complex (3HFWC) is the strongest, most powerful antioxidant that prevents the damaging action of high energy blue light, and UVA and UVB radiation by neutralising free radicalsfrom cell metabolisam and external toxins. The strong antioxidant prop-erties of this fullerene derivative influences the cellular redox state and enzyme activities therefore reducing cell proliferation.