Are you jealous, angry, emotional-cold, anxious, or moody? Do you experience tachycardia (fast heart rate), arrhythmias, high blood pressure, angina pectoris, circulatory issues, hyperventilation, shortness of breath, asthma, or skin problems…?

If you do experience some of these mental or physical symptoms, this means that your Heart Energy Center – Anahata Chakra is imbalanced. Perhaps, you do not receive enough love that you desire or possibly you do not allow yourself to feel and express love. As you already know: the pulse of life is in the heart. The heart is our main organ which tells us whether we live right and whether we are in harmony with ourselves and our surroundings.

Love cures us – both, the ones who love and the ones who are loved. Neuroscience study has discovered that a “brain in love“ functions at a higher level of power: the hormones Oxytocin and Dopamine are secreted: Oxytocin is known as the love hormone which promotes feelings of contentment, calmness, and security. Dopamine hormone provide us with a pleasurable experience in love, similar to the feeling of being “high“ associated with the use of cocaine or alcohol. By harmonizing this Heart chakra, you might feel compassionate, optimistic, friendly, motivated, understanding, loving, and caring. Essentially, the keyword of your healthy existence is LOVE.

The heart center is related to feelings and dealing with relationship issues. In yoga, the heart center is also known as Hridayakasha, which means unbroken, it is a sacred space that is filled with pure unconditional love. When the heart chakra is completely balanced, its energy spreads to other chakras leading to the healing of the whole body. The symbol of Anahata represents the hexagram (see above, the illustration) – two triangles facing up and down, which together they make up Shakton: a harmonious male and the feminine principle (Purusha and Prakriti), in the embodiment of the Shiva-Shakti aspect, being unified with the twelve petals which represent the most significant traits we can experience: joy, peace, goodness, patience, LOVE, harmony, clarity, compassion, purity, understanding, forgiveness, and bliss.

Enjoy simple recipe to feel the love for yourself and for people you care of, and eventually you will be able to experience the healing: if we love ourselves, we want to pass it on to others. Love is good infectious! Understand the people around you and accept the world as it is, observe, contemplate, and just love! Love yourself, love the others: express the love to your children, spouse, to the student, to friends, …to your colleagues, to the neighbors…The Palette of love is variegated. Let’s not keep the feelings and the words I LOVE selfishly!

Love, Meditation, and Light can be a special formula and AN EFFECTIVE MEDICINE, FOR A HEALTHY AND LONG, HAPPY LIFE! Thus,

  1. Love
  2. Meditation
  3. Light


Meditation has changed the lives of many in the sense that it has helped someone cope with their fears and focus on their goal. I almost listened to an interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger who says that a year of meditation changed his life for better!

In addition to this long-term effect, meditation is a very good relaxation exercise and diminishes anxiety, In the process of balancing the heart chakra, often the attention is directed precisely to the thymus gland because of its stimulation can regulate the entire body.

How to practice the BIOPTRON-MEDITATION as the healing treatment?

  1. Turn on Bioptron light for 12 minutes, redirecting the light on the Thymus gland.
  2. Say 4 times Bija sound YAM that balance the fourth ENERGY CENTER ANAHATA (It is the sacred sound and the golden key to opening YOU HEART TO STABILIZE YOUR EMOTIONS).
  3. Breath normally, preferably through the nostrils, without attempting to control breathing. Try to become aware of the sensation of breathing, of each inhale and exhale, the movement of air through the nostrils. That feeling is the object of your meditation. We should concentrate on that feeling, exclude everything else. At first your mind will be very busy and it may even seem to you that meditation makes your mind even busier, but in reality, you become aware of how busy your mind is actually. You will have different thoughts, you will need to follow those thoughts as they arise, but you need to resist and stay focused on the feeling of breath. If you find that your mind has wandered off and is following your upcoming thoughts, you need to get your breath back right away. You should repeat this as many times as necessary until the thoughts calm down and focus on the breath. Focus on each of your inhales and exhales. This is your 12 minutes, dedicated to yourself. For those 12 minutes, think of nothing but inhaling and exhaling. Although breathing meditation is only the initial stage of meditation, it is very powerful. You will experience inner peace and contentment by controlling your thoughts. In this first stage of meditation, the goal is to stop distractions and clear the mind.
  4. Focus on your heart chakra and the word LOVE and HEALING.
  5. Feel the nice warm light on your chest.
  6. After 12 minutes, Biptron turns off, slowly open your eyes.

 The results

After the BIOPTRON-MEDITATION, the general wellbeing is achieved, because Quantum Hyperlight conveys the energy, where it is needed most, bringing the whole organism into the healthy state of coherence, the healthy state of balance and harmony! As you can see the results above, the electromagnetic field before and after the light therapy; the EMF increases, the stagnated energy in the organs (heart) improves which means overall in internal organs restored energy that promotes one’s wellbeing.

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.” – Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Biochemist and Nobel Prize Winner.


Light therapy reacts as Stress-relief remedy and the IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTER that can strengthen the immune system, promoting overall healing, It positively influences an endocrine gland Thymus, strengthening the immune system reinforces the body’s defense system, and stimulates regenerative and reparative processes in all biological structures.

  • Quantum Hyperlight experiment with Veda Pulse Quantum diagnostic device by Dr. Oleg Sorokin (BioKvant) and Olja Lopushansky
  • Scientific studies prove that Meditation provides healing (Ref.: Meditation programs for psychological stress and well-being: a systematic review and meta-analysis).

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Olja Lopushansky,

Certified Naturopath/ Holistic therapist, Director BIOPTRON®Nederland