How to improve your health through the RED colour diet?


Healing chakras and their related systems (organs, glands) through Chromotherapy originate from the Golden Age of Greece in the healing temples of Light and Color at Heliopolis, as well in ancient Egypt, India and China.

According to the Chromotherapy knowledge, the human body consists of colours and its energies and frequencies. When various organs in the body deviate from this expected optimal energy-flow and vibrations, the body is not functioning properly.

The purpose of the Rainbow Diet (colorful diet) is to harmonize each individual chakra, its associated organs, glands, and the body system as a whole because foods can act as prime activators of the biochemical processes in the human body.

Each type of food possesses a certain energy that corresponds to the energy of each chakra: If the energy in the body is disturbed, “Food-energy“ through resonance interact with the energy of the certain chakra and harmonize their specific color-coded chakras, bringing the whole body into balance.

Thus, various rainbow-foods contain matter (nutrients) and energy (vibration) – two aspects that are of a crucial importance for the body’s healthy functioning. Hence, to optimize your health, prepare always fresh foods of various colors on a daily base. Since all foods have a vibrational alignment to the seven chakras and their colors, diversity of colours is just as important as quantity for their overall wellbeing.

Color foods energize or sedate their corresponding color-related chakras, enhancing healing processes. This is why is The Rainbow Diet a natural way to tonify the chakra system and their related glands and organs –  body as a unit.

Rainbow diets: for healing persons of different health conditions.


Red food is advisable for people with low vitality, which correspond with low energy in the first chakra. Red foods are also therapeutically used to treat people with anemia.

Including salmon in your diet will harmonize your disharmonized 1st Chakra, bringing the whole body in the state of coherence.

6 salmon’s health benefits:

  1. Cancer protection – vitamin D along with selenium inhibits the growth of cancerous cells
  2. Cardiovascular health – decrease the risks of hypertension – stroke, heart attack, high cholesterol
  3. Eye health – improved eye health and improved vision
  4. Beauty – salmon improves the collagen production and elasticity the skin looks radiant and younger
  5. Improved sleep – tryptophan, a 100% natural sedative
  6. Inflammation – omega 3-fatty acids contain anti-inflammatory properties, which is advisable for arthritis condition

INCLUDE RED fresh vegetables!

The RED vegetables and fruits reduce cancer risk and boost your immune system. Phytonutrients that are associated with the red color are also reservatrol, ellagic acid, and quercitin. These are found in tomatoes, watermelon, pink grapefruit, and cherries.


Sliced tomato with its multiple chambers resembles the structure of a heart. Studies have initiated that because of the lycopene and anthocyanidins in tomatoes, there is a reduced risk for heart disease. If you mix them with a healthy little fat, like olive oil or avocado, it will boost the body’s lycopene absorption nearly tenfold.


  • Place the salmon into the Zepter Cook Art (QUADRA FRYING PAN).
  • Bring the temperature on the induction plate a medium heat at 160°C and cook for 2 minutes, then lower the temperature to 90°C and cook for an additional 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes, remove the lid and serve.
  • Sparkle with olive oil, oregano, pepper, and Himalayan sea salt.
  • The spices that support 1st Chakra are chives, paprika and pepper.



 Using the Zepter system we properly prepare healthy food, with no fats – creating tastier, yet healthier meals.

  • Food looks better: color, shape and texture are preserved
  • Food is tastier: natural flavors and aromas are preserved (even without adding salt)
  • Food is healthier: nutritive and biological values (essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, proteins, micro and macro trace elements) are preserved.  Food does not burn and there is no acrolein, a cancerogenic substance.

Enjoy the Art of Cooking, enjoy your meal. Bon Appetit!


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