TESLA HYPERLIGHT EYEWEAR THE® – for detoxifying connective tissue and maintaining optimal health!

Sunglasses are important for us to protect our eyes from hazardous UV radiation, there are also glasses that protect us against high-energy blue radiation (computer, laptop, LED, Neon, etc.). However, unique TESLA HYPERLIGHT EYEWEAR -THE® glasses, based on nanotechnology, present quantum medicine for your quantum body: by wearing them you can protect your eyes from UV, Blue light but you can also balance your hormones – thus you feel better and healthier. A recent experiment by the Dr. Peter Mandel method showed that these glasses even detoxify human organism!

Dna, Genetic Material, Helix, Proteins

With the therapeutic method “Regeneration of the matrix” with various energies, we can affect the living matrix in the human body. The living matrix is the largest organic system in your organism – and it consists of: neurons, skin, intestinal mucosa, capillary walls, arteries, cells, and even DNA. The quality and integrity of the living matrix is an indispensable factor in maintaining optimal health, vitality and longevity. One of the elements of the living matrix is the connective tissue. Because of its fibrous structure, it keeps all parts of the body together. Connective tissue protects organs and encapsulates nerves, blood vessels and lymphatic systems.

  • FIBROMYALGIA …are the results of diseased connective tissue.

Can quantum medicine prevent disease or help to cure it?

THE® experiment: Energy Emission Analysis EEA – BioScan (Dr. Peter Mandel Methode) reveals why THE® glasses are so unique and how hyperharmonized light (energy, frequency and quantum information) heals us at the quantum level, balancing connective tissue-function- regenerating living matrix!

Praveeta Timmerman EEA BioScan specialist concluded the following: “ The most important phenomenon, which is noticeable after only 20 minutes of wearing THE® is detoxification in the connective tissue.

EEA BioScan shows the release of waste products in the connective tissue, and this is a  fantastic result of THE® therapy!

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Therefore, by wearing THE® glasses we can detoxify the body on a quantum level, however, we can release stress too which is the main cause of almost all diseases.

THE – EEA BioScan experiment by Olja Lopushansky – Holistic therapist director BIOPTRON Nederland & Praveeta Timmerman – EEA BioScan specialist