What is the COVID-19 “infectious dose” ?

Why Some People Get Terribly Sick from COVID-19? What is the “infectious dose” of the virus, i.e. the amount of coronavirus needed to enter the body and cause infections?

A person who is infected with coronavirus, regardless of whether he has symptoms or not, expels at least 20 to 50 virus particles in one minute just by breathing.

The same person, while talking normally, expels at least 200 virus particles per minute. But that number can sometimes go up to almost 1,000 viruses per minute when it breathes fast.

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An infected person who has symptoms and coughs, in just one cough, expels over 100,000 virus particles.

It is important to know that when coughing, about 3,000 microdroplets of various sizes are expelled, through saliva or mucus from the respiratory organs, and which move at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. Most of these coughed-up micro-droplets, which contain coronavirus in huge quantities, or thousands in one drop, are very large, and therefore heavy. They, in over 90 percent of cases, fall very close to the person coughing. More precisely, about 80 centimeters to a meter in diameter!

While, only 10 percent of the ejected micro-droplets, and only the smallest ones, can reach three to four meters from the person who ejected them, and fortunately, those smallest droplets, as a rule, have a coronavirus in them. Only in about 1.5 percent of cases.

So, if someone threw out 3,000 drops while coughing, and 90 percent fell next to him, that’s 2,700 drops. They do not endanger us, unless we are right next to that person or he coughs directly in our face. What remains are those 10 percent or 300 tiny drops, which are thrown out a few meters from the patient. Of those 300, only 1.5 percent have coronavirus, which is only four to five drops.

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On the other hand, we must know that each of these droplets individually can have several tens or hundreds, and sometimes up to several thousand virus particles in it, – if we already know that the infectious dose is 500 viruses, then it means that, perhaps, just one drop is enough to fall on our nose, lips or to inhale it to become infected.

Sneezing emits microdroplets at a speed of as much as 300 kilometers per hour, and an average of 30,000 microdroplets. They are mostly very small and therefore can reach a distance of seven meters, as well as float in the air for up to an hour. The total amount of viral particles in all these drops can be up to an incredible 200 million viral particles.

These are the total amount of air in a closed room, its ventilation, ie how many times the whole air is changed during one hour, but also the time we spend in that room, noting that it will be based on facilities where people, at this time, moving up – shops, pharmacies, bakeries…

What about the shops, boutiques, bakeries, pharmacies, apartments, houses, offices with an area of ​​50 square meters and a ceiling height of about three meters? There is a total air volume of 150 cubic meters. Suppose, as is often the case in our conditions, that there is no ventilation and that the door is closed due to the cold. If an infected person entered there, without symptoms of the disease, and stayed for a total of five minutes, three of which he talked about, that means that he left 800 virus particles or four virus particles per cubic meter of air.

Considering that there are 7,338.66 viruses in a cubic meter, then a simple calculation shows how many there will be in those 50 liters, which the visitor inhaled. Since it is the 20th part of a cubic meter, then 7,338.66 is divided by 20 and 366 virus particles are obtained! This is very close to the infectious dose, ie the amount of virus needed for someone to become infected. So, just a few more minutes longer stay in that area will almost certainly infect you. By respecting epidemiological measures, the probability of ingesting the required amount of virus to become infected is reduced, but also the large amount of virus that would cause severe forms of the disease.

Maintaining good hygiene is a must
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