Yoga is a great remedy, especially for people who tend to suffer from different health issues such as pain, stress, fatigue, sleeping disorder, and other similar issues, …but BIOPTRON-YOGA is even more effective for improving your wellbeing! It is a revolutionary new approach to practicing yoga: the combination of various BIOPTRON Polarized Lights (7 color filters) and yoga asana’s, stands for a powerful method  – for improving and maintaining your optimal health.

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You can combine BIOPTRON light therapy before, during, or after exercises – depending on the type of asana you perform. All combinations Yoga + BIOPTRON are possible, it just needs a bit of practice and patience and you will learn the art of doing exercises combining it with the BIOPTRON device. After a short time of practicing, you will be able to enjoy the poses and exposure to 7 BIOPTRON rainbow colors for entire relaxation and regeneration.

Following are the 7 advantages which you can achieve from BIOPTRON-Yoga exercises:

  1. Increasing flexibility
  2. Increased use of joints, ligaments and tendons
  3. Increased strength and weight management
  4. Improved blood circulation
  5. Detoxification
  6. Stress relief
  7. Pain relief
  8. Focus on present and inner peace

Increasing Flexibility

I have seen people who started yoga when they were not even able to bring their arm up or touch their foot toes, but after some practice, they were able to bend or stretch completely without any trouble. Not only this but if you observe different poses of yoga, then you will know that it emphasizes certain parts of the body which are almost ignored in daily routine but BIOPTRON Yoga exercises get these parts activated and makes them flexible, thus eventually you feel that your body is becoming more and more souple which gives you the overall feeling of a young and healthy body. Applying BIOPTRON Red Polarized light you release the uncomfortable discomfort and stiffness, nevertheless, you can, even more, increase the flexibility in the body.

Increased Use of Joints, Ligaments and Tendons

As I mentioned above that yoga increases flexibility and it is because of that long research of yoga positions. Every position is well-thought and well-conceived that you can activate those parts of the body which are normally ignored: for example, the shoulder is a part of our body which can change our whole posture but we seldom do any exercise or certain movement which involved shoulders. In yoga, on the other hand, there are special postures that give stress and relax shoulder particularly and ultimately you make your shoulders strong and flexible.

Increased Strength and Weight Management

Yoga exercises help you in increasing the overall strength of all your body parts including your bones. This increased strength increases support for your whole skeleton. This is a great way to achieve a healthy and toned body. It not only increases the overall strength of your body but it also helps you maintain your weight because you have to practice different postures every day and in those postures, you will shape your body and this you will notice it in a very timely manner. Applying BIOPTRON Yellow Polarized Light on the stomach, spleen and conception vessel meridians can help you lose excess weight.

Improved Blood Circulation

Yoga is recommended for patients who have increased blood pressure or even low blood pressure. There are different poses and exercises for both of these purposes. It regulates blood in a more proper way because the positions which are practiced in yoga are very precise for balancing blood pressure. The movement increases more easily and more properly blood circulation. Applying BIOPTRON medical light, the blood circulation increases optimally, with medically proven significant healing effects.


In yoga, muscles are stretched very gently and in some techniques, massage is done and these techniques ensure proper blood flow in the whole body which also acts as detoxification of the body. All the undesired secretions are effectively removed from the body. If BIOPTRON is applied to acupressure zone Vertebrae C7 – the total DETOX effect is successfully achieved.

Stress Relief 

Cortisol is a substance in our body that controls the amount of stress and it is seen that all the yoga exercises help to reduce the amount of cortisol in the human body which ultimately limits the effects of stress on our body. Apply BIOPTRON Green Polarized Light on Sternum for 12 minutes daily – for stress relief effect.

Pain relief

Sinds ancient times, yoga exercises are in used to cure different kinds of pain. BIOPTRON Red Polarized Light (20 min. exposure) amplifies the painkilling effect in the body.

Focus On Present and Inner Peace

There are three important aspects which are basic ingredients for learning yoga which are movement, breathing, and focus. Deep breathing is the key and more deeply you breathe, more oxygen you will provide to your cells.

Focus as the third aspect, will give you enough power to harmonize both: breathing and movement, which will create an inner peace for you. While sitting comfortably and meditating, or doing breathing exercises expose your face for 12 minutes to BIOPTRON Hyperpolarized light for prevention, healing, wellness, and wellbeing!

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