Tesla Hyperlight Eyewear – THE®

Tesla Hyperlight Eyewear – THE®

  • Transforms Blue LED light into eye comfortable colors.
  • Eliminates Digital Eye Strain and relaxes the eyes.
  • Enables sharper vision.
  • Adjusts the perception of the eye in favour of beneficial low energy light.
  • Harmonizes EEG signals – optimizes brain function.
  • Eases anxiety and other behavioral and emotional disorders.
  • Positively influences the body clock (balances circadian rhythm and improves sleep).


Clahtrin Structure Formula

The symmetry and dynamics of Fullerene C60 correspond to those of healthy biostructures. With its quantum properties (including uniquely rotation-twist of 18 billion times per second), the C60 transmits information to bio-structures at the quantum level. This Hyper-harmonized light is efficiently integrated with biostructures through Resonance Principles. Hyper-harmonized light can restore disturbed biostructures, bringing them back to a healthy, natural state.

Through this process, we protect, revitalize, regulate all physiological processes to restore optimal health: See more – Think faster – Feel better – Perform at your best

THE® Glasses uniquely optimize the levels of serotonin (“happiness hormone”), dopamine(“pleasure hormone”), melatonin (the hormone responsible for sleep regulation) and cortisol (stress hormone), bringing them into a natural balance that is crucial for mental and physical health.

  • ∇ Promote psychological balance and strengthen self-confidence
  • ∇ Reduce stress and improve mood
  • ∇ Reduce anxiety, depression and aggression
  • ∇ Regulate sleep disorders and significantly reduce the consequences of jet lag
  • ∇ Increase and maintain energy throughout the day

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