Tesla Hyperlight Eyewear – THE®


Clahtrin Structure Formula

The symmetry and dynamics of Fullerene C60 correspond to those of healthy biostructures. With its quantum properties (including uniquely rotation-twist of 18 billion times per second), the C60 transmits information to bio-structures at the quantum level. This Hyper-harmonized light is efficiently integrated with biostructures through Resonance Principles. Hyper-harmonized light can restore disturbed biostructures, bringing them back to a healthy, natural state.

Through this process, we protect, revitalize, regulate all physiological processes to restore optimal health: See more – Think faster – Feel better – Perform at your best

THE® Glasses uniquely optimize the levels of serotonin (“happiness hormone”), dopamine(“pleasure hormone”), melatonin (the hormone responsible for sleep regulation) and cortisol (stress hormone), bringing them into a natural balance that is crucial for mental and physical health.

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