The symmetry and unprecedented dynamics of Fullerene C60 correspond to those of healthy biostructures. C60 has unprecedented quantum properties, including a unique rotation-twist rate of 18 billion times per second); through Resonance Principles of Biomimicry, it efficiently interacts with incoming light, which ultimately restores biostructures to a natural, healthy state at the quantum level. Through this physiological process, Hyperlight Eyewear® protect, maintain, revitalize, regulate, and restore the body to optimal health. See more – Think faster – Feel better – Perform at your best

Hyperlight Eyewear® are Inspired by the Nobel Prize – Winning Discovery of Fullerene C60

The 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to the scientists Kroto, Smalley and Curl for the discovery of fullerene C60. In addition to graphite and diamond, fullerene C60 is one of the eight allotropic forms of carbon. Fullerene C60 has icosahedral symmetry (Fibonacci sequence), identical to the symmetry observed in healthy, functional biological structures and throughout the whole universe, which according to Plato has dodecahedral symmetry.
This ground-breaking discovery opened an entirely new chapter in nanotechnology and quantum medicine. Fullerene C60 has contributed to new medical treatments and has the ability to grant better life.

Hyper-Harmonized Light

Hyperharmonized light has the same symmetry as 85% of the healthy biomolecules in the human body. Due to various factors (natural aging process, environmental pollution, stress, etc.), the healthy state of biomolecules is disturbed, causing illnesses and premature aging. Hyper-harmonized light uniquely maintains the structure of healthy biomolecules and restores the energy frequency and vibration in disturbed biomolecules, thereby restoring the whole body to a natural healthy state.

According to the Resonance principles of biomimicry, when two resonators possess the same type of symmetry, the molecule C60 with its superior constant ideal structure can impose its energetic and structural properties onto the disturbed molecule, which changes them to its ideal energy structure (healthy status), bringing them into homeostasis and a natural healthy state.

Maintaining Good Eyesight is the Key to Maintaining Mental and Physical Health

Our eyes are not have naturally protected from dangerous harmful radiation, coming from artificial indoor lighting and natural sunlight. All of this exposure to harmful radiation irreversibly damages our eyes, causing cataracts and macular degeneration. Such light exposure also adversely affects brain function and general physical health.
Hyperlight Eyewear® represent a unique solution to improve both vision and brain function. Besides blocking harmful radiation, Hyperlight Eyewear® also convert incoming light into a quantum-structured hyperlight. This quantum hyperlight has ideal symmetry identical to that of the biological structures that transforms it.
Hyperlight Eyewear® will help you to stay well, become more vital, healthier and more successful.

Influence of Light on the Brain

The 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine for 2017 was awarded to the scientists Hall, Rosbash, and Young for their discovery of circadian rhythms, the natural bodily processes that change in response to light over the course of the day. Light regulates the balance and natural oscillation of various hormones in the brain.

Hyperlight Eyewear® regenerate biomolecules and biostructures to their natural state in a unique way and maintain optimal bioprocesses in the eyes and brain. The result is psychophysical balance throughout the body. Hyperlight Eyewear® are the necessary, reasonable, and smart choice for everyone.

Quantum Hyperligt Reflects the Universal Law of Harmony & Beauty (Golden Ratio)

The entire universe, in one way or the other, is arranged based on geometric laws, from the microscopic to the macroscopic. Even the structures of the biomolecules in our bodies are governed by these geometric laws.

The most prominent geometric law is the Golden Ratio. Leonardo da Vinci comprehended this universal law of harmony and beauty. He deliberately used the principles of the Golden Ratio in his work, creating unsurpassed masterpieces of technology and art

Hyper-harmonized light, unlike other forms of light, conforms to and meets the unique principles of the Golden Ratio, ideally interacting with biostructures through Resonant principles, unlike any other light. The resonant transmission of quantum energy and information through hyper-harmonized light restores the structures and natural processes of disturbed biomolecules, thereby regenerating the whole body.



Certain harmful wavelengths (HW) of sunlight- such as ultraviolet and blue visible light < 450 nm are detrimental to health. HW also inhibits optimal eye and brain functioning. HW are outside the desirable wavelengths (450 – 780) and have wavelengths that have too much energy for optimal eye and brain functioning.


After passing throught Hyperlight Optics®, the whole spectrum has been ideally restructured into desirable wavelengths (DW) (450 – 780 nm) and into desirable non-excessive energy amounts that are ideal for the eye and brain. The overall harmful excessive energy amount is substantially decreased and transformed into a hyper-harmonized structure to meet the optimal level for good health.


To protect the eyes and brain, BIOPTRON Hyperlight Optics® have a unique dual natural ability:

1. Reduce hazardous UV radiation and blue light to a desirable level
a) excessive sunlight energy
2. Increase the level of absent desirable wavelengths energy to desirable levels
b) artificial light sources


The patented BIOPTRON Hyperlight Eyewear®, unlike ordinary lenses, have unique features and are made with the superior quality of Swiss technology. BIOPTRON Hyperlight Optics® are designed to enhance human health and cognitive abilities, improve appearance, and give a better quality of life. In this way, they contribute to our mission:


BIOPTRON Hyperlight Optics® lenses are coated on both sides with the finest of of protective layers. They are easily maintained, scratch-resistant, and have a long lifespan. The quality production of BIOPTRON Hyperlight Optics® lenses and frames make for both a patented cutting-edge technology and an elegant product. BIOPTRON Hyperlight Optics® lenses are unique and without competition on the global market.

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Certificate from International Federation of INventors, Geneva 2018

Who Will Benefit from Hyperlight Eyewear®? Everyone!

Students, policemen, professors, pilots, soldiers, drivers, athletes, business people, workers, politicians, parliamentarians, children- everyone can see the difference with Hyperlight Eyewear®! Every day, we are all exposed to harmful artificial indoor lighting as well as radiation from sunlight.