Toxic relationships and communication

Did you know that relationships can also be toxic?

It is difficult for people to get out of toxic relationships because they hope that next time they will experience something beautiful from the person they are in such a relationship with, which makes it difficult to break off relationships.

People are predominantly social beings – relationships in life are important to us so that we can share good moments and be supportive of each other in difficult situations.

Numerous studies have shown that quality relationships with loved ones increase the quality of life. For example, an Australian study found that respondents who reported having quality support from their friends were not only happier, healthier but also longer-lived!

In contrast, poor social networking can have the opposite effect and cause stress-related health responses, such as higher blood pressure, reduced immunity, and a generally lower quality of life.

A bad social network often consists of people who (consciously or unconsciously) say and do things that make us feel bad. These are so-called toxic relationships that, instead of making life more beautiful, actually make it harder.

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In a toxic relationship (which can also be with a partner, friend, co-worker, or family member), it often happens that one party manipulates and hurts the other person while trying to tie him or her tightly to himself or herself.

The “victim” of such a relationship often knows that something is wrong, he feels exhausted after spending time in a toxic relationship, however, he does not know what to do or how to set himself up to change something.

Similarly, in toxic relationships, often any attempt to change the relationship for the better or escape is negatively experienced by the toxic person: it is punished by cynicism, irony, manipulation, or insult. The victim of this relationship has the impression that something is wrong in the relationship, but at the same time every attempt to talk about it goes in the wrong direction, so the person usually “surrenders”.

How do you help yourself?
If a toxic person is someone you need to be in contact with, such as a co-worker, a boss, or someone close to you, it’s a good idea to set clear boundaries about acceptable or unacceptable behavior.

For those with whom you are not forced to be in daily interaction, and realize that you are in a toxic relationship – it is good to think about how much it fulfills you and whether it is worth continuing to be a part of it.

If you recognize that you are in the toxic relationship, Olja Lopushansky will help you with the Relationship Life-Coaching, to create healthy and happy relationships!

Thus, if you recognize even 3 points from this list, it is an urgent time for a big change:

1 You are constantly “suspected”
Of things, you didn’t do. So you avoid fun things for fear that he/she will just accuse you

2 You are not able to keep close contacts with the family and friends
Either you don’t see them (anymore) as often as you used to, or the way you used to

3 Your money is not yours
Because he/she to control the money

4 Saying no feels unsafe
So if you are asked something you do it, for fear of “hassle”

5 He/she decides what is “good” for you
And that goes from your clothes to your career, from your friends to your free time

6 When he/she is angry …
Constant complaints gives you the feeling that you do everything wrong

7 Joking about you (the other)…
It shows how she or he is insecure

8 You feel guilty…
Always, but especially if you do fun things without him/her

10 The word is controlled
It’s a phone, it’s an appointment, it’s an agenda. He/she requires you to indicate exactly what you do when and with whom

11 You should be thankful
Because he/she is a lot out of the lottery, lucky girl. You know that, right?

12 Your ambitions are not taken seriously
It is a very bad way of treating someone, totally unrespect

13 In anger on his/her part…
You are in “punishment” as: less attention, less money, less sex or less fun

14 If you are sad or upset …he laughs at you?
Is he/she over your boundaries, or you are just too sensitive?

15 I don’t know how to go
So he/she tells things about you to others that should just be and remain private

16 You are constantly criticized
Also with your friends or family

17 You have ideas in the future but you can t realize them…
Your word is waiting for him/her

18 He/she knows what you’re ashamed of …
The word is given in order to be ordered. the idea here back: don’t forget who’s “boss” here?

19 You are afraid of his/her disapproval
Once we know the previews we want to see, but the new one is right

20 You rarely make a decision yourself
Even if you really disagree with what happens, you still do what is expected.

Stay Strong!

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