The rhythm of sleep and wakefulness, good quality bed, and the room just for sleep or sex is crucial for a good rest, thus no disturbing TV and cell phone activities…thus, sleep good 8 hours at night to restore and be fresh for the next day! Good sleep is crucial for maintaining physical and mental health. Without healthy sleep, we feel tired, we don’t feel well, we perform poorly and we are susceptible to disease. We do not necessarily sleep on a quality mattress that would enable us to have a good quality sleep which is necessary for preserving all physical and mental functions and which is as well indispensable for optimal cognitive performance.

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Healthy sleep is a very important factor in improving physical and mental health, as it maintains and improves the quality of life. It is a crucial factor in the prevention and treatment of diseases, affecting all cells, tissues, organs and our body as a whole, bringing them into a state of well-being.


A circadian rhythm is a pattern of sleep and wakefulness governed by our internal clock, which is under the influence of light and darkness and functions in 24-hour cycles. After just one night of bad sleep, numerous problems arise in our body and brain such as:

If these are the consequences of just one sleepless night, imagine the consequences of chronic low-quality sleep!

What is needed for quality good sleep and rest?

Do not eat too late, eat a healthy meal, no later than 19h.
After a meal, walk in the fresh air in the park or by the river.
The bedroom should be ventilated and the air in the room should be purified, enriched with negative ions.
The room temperature is not too hot or too cold. Blanket made of pure wool or cashmere material. Sleep on cotton-silk sheets.
Turn off your cell phone and take it out of the bedroom.
The curtains in the room should not be transparent.
The mattress you sleep on to be the best quality, I recommend The Quanomed mattress which is unique on the market because, in addition to quality sleep, it regenerates you by removing possible pain, overstretched muscles from daily work! A quality mattress alleviates back pain, shoulder pain and stiffness by more than 57%. A premium mattress improves the quality of sleep by more than 60%.


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100% ORIGINAL NATURAL LATEX HEVEA BRASILIENSIS QUANOMED® is made from the highest quality natural latex which is obtained from the giant rubber tree – Hevea Brasiliensis from tropical forests.

As a raw material, it is a milky white liquid consisting of rubber particles dispersed in water. In addition to its extraordinary physical properties, latex has excellent hygienic and microbiological characteristics. Dirt particles cannot penetrate deeper into latex and it cannot be inhabited by mites and microorganisms, although no pesticides are used during its production.

Millions of interconnected, microscopic air chambers in latex provide excellent temperature regulation, optimum moisture dissipation and constant air circulation.

100% natural latex does not contain any chemicals, synthetics, pesticides, herbicides and toxic substances.

QUANOMED® is designed for the following medical conditions:


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Biom is biomolecular therapy in the form of a mattress topper. Based on the discovery of the natural healing powers of the tetrahedral-ionic Biomolecule, bioM is an ingenious solution for the fight against pain. bioM provides therapeutic effects during the sleep:

When we sleep, we emit a specific infrared energy, around 10 micrometers. The special fibers of bioM absorb this natural human infrared radiation, with minimal loss of energy, and reflect it back into the body. In that way, during the sleep, the body is receiving a continuous infrared radiation, mimicking a treatment with the infrared light, which is successfully used for pain relief. IR radiation restricts the pain sensation during sleep, improving the sleep quality and recovery.


The accumulated static electricity in the body during wakefulness and sleep has a negative impact on physical and mental health. Electricity leads to an increase in cortisol level and causes disbalance, irritability, high blood pressure, an increase in blood sugar, insomnia and circadian rhythm disorder.

Very thin carbon fibres integrated in QUANOMED® cover collect electrons from the surface of the body releasing them into the air, thus discharging the body of harmful static electricity.

By reducing the voltage and the amount of electricity, the body relaxes, cortisol level drops and becomes optimal, and the quality of sleep improves.

Moreover, QUANOMED®:

RENEWING BODY ENERGY FOR A PEACEFUL SLEEP QUANOMED® is based on the unique BIOPTRON® technology, which increases the level of oxygen in the body and improves circulation. HyperOxy stimulates a better supply of oxygen and food to our cells so that they regenerate faster and remain healthy. Thanks to the state-of-the-art HyperOxy technology and dozens of incorporated Thermo-reactive minerals, QUANOMED® collects the passive loss of body energy, magnifies and invigorates it, and releases it back to the organism. Multiple body functions are strengthened, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and complete well-being. Dilates blood vessels and stimulates circulation, just like Bioptron Supplies oxygen and food and removes metabolic products and carbon dioxide from cells, Speeds up regeneration, Increases cellular ATP level, Improves mood, Helps to reduce pain in certain medical conditions, Speeds up the wound healing process Improves immunity and hormonal balance Improves motivation and work efficiency. QUANOMED® Sleep Smart System is designed for anyone who does not make compromises as far as perfect rest, whole-body recovery and ultimate luxury are concerned.


In addition to hundreds of laboratory tests, the technology used by QUANOMED® has been tested and validated at reputable universities and clinics (clinical studies in the USA, Asia and Canada). All of them gave positive, significant, credible and measurable results.

QUANOMED® improves sleep quality, preserves your health and provides maximum luxury.


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