Any artificial light or sunlight passing through the glasses (Nanophotonic Fullerene Optics) transforms light into a uniquely HIGHLY structured Hyperharmonized light- whose energy frequency structure is identical to the energy frequency structure of a healthy biomolecules in the whole body! According to the Resonance principles, when two resonators (as Hyperharmonized light and healthy biomolecules) possess the same type of symmetry, Hyperharmonized light, because it is ideally structured, prevails and imposes its energy and information properties onto the eventually disturbed biomolecules, on the quantum level. This brings them into homeostasis. As a result of this unique therapy, the glasses optimize the secretion of the hormones (serotonin, dopamine, melatonin, and cortisol) revitalize and regulate biostructures and physiological processes throughout the body… so with the glasses, you see more, you think faster, you feel better and you perform at your best.