If your immunity is strengthened, there is no fear that the virus COVID-19 will harm us.



  1. COLLOIDAL SILVER WATER: extremely effective for increasing immunity and the fight against toxins that you have in the body.
  2. VITAMIN C: It is recommended between 3 grams a day (in the form of Sodium ascorbate).
  3. MINERAL ZINC: Ionic Zinc (liquid zinc, it is better than in another form), In case you do not find liquid zinc, it is good to take a dose 3 times higher than the usual recommended doses.
  4. VITAMINE D – 10 micrograms per day
  5. WARM WATER + LEMON: In the morning on an empty stomach drink warm water with lemon and a little sea salt (optionally add ginger and fresh mint leaves), or turmeric with black pepper.
  6. GREEN JUICES: Drink green juices with green leafy vegetables (primrose, spinach, basil…). Green leafy vegetables create an alkaline base in the body, which destroys pathogens and viruses that survive in an acidic environment and in addition use chlorella powder for a drink.
  7. GARLIC: in a teaspoon mixed with honey and cinnamon.
  8. OILS & HERBS: wild oregano oil, ginger, and cayenne pepper.
  9. YOGA: practice yoga and pranayama to relax and exclude negative emotions – stress, worries, anger…Do Pranayama exercises because in that way you establish emotional and mental harmony and peace that allows you to deal more easily with worries, fears… It also balances your metabolic processes, which are crucial for optimal health.
  10. ASHWAGANDHA: Ayurvedic herbs to improve your immunity.
  11. HERBAL TEA: Hibiscus.
  12. DRINK 2 l of purified water.
  13. BIOPTRON: BIOPTRON Hyperpolarized light application on the forehead, between the eyebrows, 12 minutes.
  14. SUNLIGHT:  20 minutes in the morning or evening hours.
  15. FRESH AIR: 1 hour in the fresh air in a natural environment (parks, forests, lakes, rivers, sea, beach, mountains,…) that heals us and fills us with organic, life energy, which is crucial for living in the abundance of health and well-being of soul, mind, and bodies. At home, or in the office use air purifier.
  16. SLEEP 8 HOURS at night.
  17. HAVE FUN!

green shake fruits with kiwi


Eliminate alcohol, fast food, milk, meat, refined sugar, white bread… because such food invokes the acidic environment which weakens the immune system leading to poor health.