BIOPTRON Quantum Resonance Hyper-Light Healing immerses you in healing with Structured light and its vibrations, electromagnetic fields, information (Golden Mean Ratio)
– with a non invasive and safe therapy that works with the inner systems of the body, mind, and spirit. 

Quantum Medicine is proclaimed the medicine of the third millennium in 1989 in Brussels when a team of quantum physicists presented a radically different approach to understanding living systems. It is a branch of holistic integrative medicine that integrates knowledge and experience of: classical physics, western medicine, eastern medicine, bioelectronics, quantum mechanics, psychology, philosophy, and neurophysiology

Quantum is derived from Latin word quanta, which refers to the smallest amount of energy – electromagnetic radiation and information, influencing bio-system.  The discovery of Dertinger and Kruglikov that cells utilize noise as a source of energy to drive their information-driven processes, creating selected frequency-based windows is of fundamental importance for understanding the quantum medicine as Resonance therapy. 

Quantum resonance

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” – N. Tesla

The basic principle of quantum medicine is based on healing through resonance. According to the definition in physics, resonance occurs when a vibrating material induces vibrations in other nearby objects. Mechanical vibrations would pass through the medium surrounding other objects and cause them to vibrate as well, at the same rate. Normally, for this phenomenon to occur, the “X“ frequency source must emit a frequency similar to what “Y “would make naturally. This frequency is called “resonant frequency”.

Each vibrating cell in the body has a specified frequency.  In a state of health, wave frequencies (electromagnetic vibrations) are in synchronicity. The human body is constantly in the process of self-healing. Nevertheless, it has been shown that wave frequencies can be altered. When one of the cells vibrates outside of that frequency, illness appears. This occurs due to the action of various stressogenic triggers (external and internal factors). The biochemical processes are disrupted, which contributes to deviation from energy harmony (energy homeokinesis) which leads to pathological changes, initially at the functional level, and then there are changes in tissues and cells, resulting in disease.

Absolutely everything has a frequency: every thought and emotion has its own vibrational frequency and that every cell of the human body has its ideal frequency. Biophoton emissions that are out of sync can cause illness. Some evidence suggests that cancer patients emit arrhythmic, scrambled light, which indicates that their cells are no longer communicating effectively. Energy supply is a necessary condition for life, and any disturbance in energy metabolism may increase the likelihood of pathological outcomes. Cancer cells can obtain approximately the same amount of energy from fermentation as from respiration. This is known as the Warburg effect.10 If the body’s defense forces failed to ensure homeostasis, it needs help in the form of resonance therapy. As opposed to Classical Medicine which suppresses the physical symptoms with pharmaceutical synthetic drugs, quantum medicine uses RESONANT therapies in the form of sound or light for restoring disrupted energy and frequency. Resonance occurs when an object vibrating at a specific rate transfers its frequency to a second object as they approach each other. As they are brought closer in proximity, a still tuning fork picks up a vibration from another.

Torus geometry - energy flow dynamics - information in the universe:
from galaxies to red blood cells.

BIOPTRON: Energy – Informational – Vibrational Therapy


“Vibrational medicine works at a deep, cellular level where molecular properties are being changed by vibrations“ Dr. June Wider.

It is not uncommon for the body to be unable to return to its original blueprint after being injured, traumatized, or disturbed by other factors. With the discovery of information as the basic ‘software’ of living systems, it came to the realization that malfunction in the living system can be treated by correcting the information that causes the malfunction.

With this Informational Medicine healing-concept, the door is opened to every healer and physician to complement his or her healing practice by suppling Hyperpolarized light energy-information to a biological system (i.e., the body), which enables that system to restructure and heal itself back to its original healthy quantum state.

Light plays a fundamental role in the functioning of our bodies: every cell emits more than 100,000 light photons-impulses per second, responsible for maintaining optimal health.  This light emission is responsible for information and
energy exchange and for the proper communication between adjacent cells, which is a crucial steering mechanism behind all biochemical reactions.
But, in recent times, we are more and more familiar with the fact that light can make us sick (high-energy blue light) or heal us (polarized and hyperpolarized light). Therefore, in order to achieve homeostasis, we focus on Hyperpolarized light generated by BIOPTRON nanophotonic fullerene lens, in synergy other unique patented products based on Fullerene C60 and its derivatives.

Using as a basis the works of Dr. S. Kirlian and R. Voll, Peter Mandel, a German homeopath doctor established in 1970 that the acupuncture meridians represent conductive systems of light. It took 10 years for the intuitive hypothesis to be proven by the works of a recognized physicist (Fritz.A.Popp). Application of HPL to energy centers (specific regions of the body); the light beam HPL (E, I, Hz) through the meridians, through the Domino I Piezoelectric effect, stimulates the organs and organ systems, establishing the harmonization in energies and frequencies in organs and cells of the whole joint functioning.


Bioptron Hyperlight Optics Spectroscopy video shows the light-transformation.


The goal of quantum vibrational healing through resonance is to restore healthy frequencies to dysfunctional or damaged cells. As a result, healing can occur to a remarkable degree, similar to the synchronization of two out-of-sync metronomes. The vibratory frequency of the tissue is said to be in resonance when it is vibrating at its resonant frequency.

Bioptron quantum functional energy medicine for regeneration on the quantum level:
Quantum Hyperlight (Electromagnetic waves, Frequency - Information)  influence cells, tissues, organs, organ systems and through resonance-response, eliminates pathological frequencies, regulating physiological normal vibrations.


                             Two resonators such as BIOPTRON Quantum Hyperlight (LEFT) and healthy biostructures (RIGHT) possess the same type of symmetry.

The concept of quantum hyperlight is based on the principle of resonance. In its capacity as a permanently ideally structured entity, it imposes its quantum energy-information properties onto the disturbed entity (i.e., the biostructure), which then restores the system to homeostasis.


Red, Science, Diagram, Cell, Biology, White, BloodOwing to a number of diseases, or even the body’s natural aging processes, the natural, healthy state of biological structures becomes unordered. (FOR EXAMPLE Hypertonic or Hypotonic erythrocytes condition).


The experiment BIOPTRON QUANTUM HYPERLIGHT shows that red blood cells are clotted and inactive (forming clustered structures), which could be indicative of or lead to cardiovascular
diseases, inflammation, and oxygen deficiency (hypoxia) at the tissue level.

After 10 minutes of exposure to BIOPTRON Quantum Hyperlight (Hyperpolarized Light), previously clustered cells become completely separated blood cells, which embody the entirety of blood revitalization: microtubules are modified from a previously unhealthy state into a torus shape with the same energetic structure as Quantum Hyperlight (i.e., the natural, healthy state, arranged according to the Golden Ratio. Empowered by this light energy-information, cells are able to move faster, thereby illustrating the remarkable anticoagulating effect. The red blood cells appear to revive from a state of inactivity into healthy, live active cells, demonstrating that BIOPTRON has quantum properties that heal at the quantum level. The energized blood flows unrestrictedly through the veins, effortlessly transporting oxygen to the vital organs, improving the processes of nutrient transport to the cells, facilitating the removal of debris, and possibly
preventing conditions such as hypertension, thrombosis (hazardous blood coagulation), stroke, heart attack, and inflammation.

BIOPTRON® Quantum Hyperlight can rejuvenate unhealthy cells into vigorous, healthy blood cells (i.e., to the ideal state and formation of the cells), both of which are critical in maintaining a healthy body.

Additional info:

The serendipitous discovery of the fullerene C60, which resulted in the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, triggered a new field of research, introduced the world to a new kind of symmetric quantum nanomaterial, and gave way to an entirely new chapter of nanotechnology and nanomedicine. These studies led scientists and engineers to consider the potential applications of C60 in creating new medical treatments to prolong life.

In 2017 — inspired by the properties of the Nobel Prize-winning discovery of fullerene molecules and our in-depth understanding of biology — our scientists have developed and patented the revolutionary BIOPTRON Hyperlight Optics®, which acts a nanophotonic generator to transform vertically linearly polarized light (VLPL) into Hyperpolarized light with quantum properties.

Stay safe!

With love and gratitude,

Olja Lopushansky


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Nobel Prize in 1996
for discovery  of molecule fullerene C60!






Hyperlight Optics transform any light (diffused and polarized) into a uniquely structured hyperharmonized light, known in science as POLARITON, that has properties electromagnetism and structure of a healthy biostructures.


Superior VS Inferior entity

Why is both – local and systemic healing possible?
Fullerene C60 and its derivatives posses a unique molecular architecture
that corresponds to the conformational status of the bio-structures


~ Constant ideal structure

~ Superior energy-information structure

~ The ultimate bio-resonator

~ Through resonance, it transmits the energy and information and regenerates disturbed biostructures.


C60 is alive.

It rotates and twists 18 billion times per second:

~ The Faraday effect is created in 20 hexagons:

the plane of polarization of the photons rotates in the hexagons

~ The Fibonacci sequential effect is created in 12 pentagons:

the plane of polarization of the photons rotates and twists in all directions

Accordingly, the electrical plane of photons polarization transforms into a photon pattern arranged according to Fibonacci law — an ideal energy structure/ symmetry that is compatible with healthy biostructures.


What are the effects of nanophotonic material C60 + Nano Au on health?
Harmonization of the process between neurotransmitters and hormones.
The unique formula positively affects the neuro-endocrine system,

therefore we see better, think and act better and we feel better (homeostasis).


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